It’ll be an adventure, they said!

We did say we wanted adventure, didn’t we?? Well we got it in spades as we left Las Vegas and headed to Moab, Utah to meet up with our friends Jane & Rick. We’ve known Jane since before we were married and hadn’t seen her in more than 20 years. They live near Grand Junction, Colorado, and since we were going to be fairly close, it made sense to meet up in Moab.

We kept our eye on the weather and all looked great until the day we left when suddenly they were predicting SNOW! Being SoCal natives, we were pretty intimidated at the idea of driving a 36′ refrigerator shaped object towing a jeep on snow-covered roads, but it was supposed to stop soon, so we decided to risk it!

Our travel style is to drive 3-4 hours per day, then stay somewhere 3-4 days, unless we have a specific date we need to be somewhere, in which case we still only drive 3-4 hrs, but we just stop someplace quick for the night. Usually it’s a Wal-Mart or Cracker Barrel parking lot, both of which usually welcome RVers for the night. Sometimes it’s a rest stop or a truck stop. Often we don’t even put out the slides. We just live “squished” for a few hours and carry on. We can still get to all we need, such as the bathroom, fridge, stove and microwave.

This time we had planned to get to Richfield, Utah and stay at a Wal-mart, then have an easy 2-3 hour drive into Moab the next morning. But once the snow started, by the time we hit St. George, we knew we couldn’t make it. We found a Home Depot that we had heard would allow overnighters, and we made ourselves at home there.

The next morning it was touch and go. Most of the snow had melted on the highway and it was only snowing lightly. We had to decide whether to keep going or to turn back to Vegas and go the long way around, adding another day to the transit time. The traffic cams we could see showed long stretches of dry highway with no snow, so we decided to risk it and headed up the I15 on our way to the I70. We unhitched the Jeep so that David didn’t have to tow it along with trying to keep the Bounder from sliding around, and I drove along behind. Before long, here is what we encountered! It was pretty scary, let me tell you!

Eventually, though, the skies cleared up and we were able to hitch the Jeep back up. What was supposed to be a 2-3 hour day ended up being 6 hours, but the sites Jane & Rick had picked out for us were just gorgeous and we were SO glad we hadn’t taken the extra day.

Horsethief campground is on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land about 30 miles outside of Moab, Utah, and is fairly primitive. You have to drive down a gravel road to get there, and although there are vault toilets and large trash receptacles, there is no electricity or water, so we were very glad to be self contained! During the night it began to snow again, and we woke up to a winter wonderland! Twenty four hours later it was all gone, and we had nearly perfect weather the rest of our time there.

As the snow was melting, we loaded up the 2 dogs (Rick & Jane had brought Esther, their adorable pup) and headed for Dead Horse State Park. It is the only park in the area that allows dogs on the trails. We hiked around 5 miles and it went by SO fast! Pongo had a BLAST in the snow, and it was a beautiful park!

By the next day all of the snow was gone and we set out with the dogs to do some hiking. We wanted to try to find Corona Arch. We started out going the “long way” around because it would be more beautiful, but because of all the wet mud and fallen rocks, we couldn’t navigate the road. So we decided to go the “traditional” road which was about 40 minutes longer.

The GPS took us down a CRAZY road that we couldn’t even begin to navigate, even with our Jeep. I don’t have photos, but another couple posted some video from where they tried to do it in their Subaru! (If you want to check that out it’s here

That was a no-go for us. We decided to check out Longbow Arch instead. It was a great hike and the dogs had an awesome time!

That was Rick & Jane’s last night and so we spent the evening playing games. We discovered that Skip Bo is the longest game in the history of the world! I’ve played many Monopoly games that were shorter! We all CHEERED when David finally won so we could all go to bed!

The next day, after bidding a sad farewell to Rick & Jane and making very loose plans to meet up again later this year, we decided to check out Arches National Park without Pongo (dogs aren’t allowed). It was a bit late in the day so we only drove through it and did one short hike, but it was truly spectacular. By now we had learned our lesson and had dressed in many layers! We didn’t worry about all we had missed, because we WILL be back here!

The iconic Landscape Arch

On our final day, we made the drive through the upper part of Canyonlands National Park. We took Pongo, but he had to stay in the car for most of it, except for potty breaks. Our favorite view was of Mesa Arch, which is known for gorgeous sunrise photos (Sorry, I love you all, but not enough to get up at 5am to get the shot. You can see plenty of them online if you’re interested!) This particular photo was memorable because on the way to the trailhead I was gawking and not paying attention, and fell FLAT on my face in front of God and everybody! I was SO embarrassed, but except for some scratches to my glasses, and a scraped up knee, forehead and hands, no serious harm done!! Fortunately for me, David chose not to document the moment so you’ll have to make do with this view of us taken by a fellow tourist at Mesa Arch!

Me looking a little worse for wear at Mesa Arch. My knee was pretty bloody under those pants!

Here’s another lovely view from Canyonlands. For some reason we didn’t get a closer view. I honestly think this place rivals the Grand Canyon for spectacular views. We couldn’t do the GC this trip, so it’s going to have to wait until our next pass through the area.

And with that it was time to say goodbye to Moab. We will DEFINITELY come back because we want lots more time to explore the many national parks in the area. Because of course, we bought one of those National Parks passports and now we have to collect ALL the stickers and get it stamped at every park!! (Whatever marketing firm came up with that idea deserves an award!) Chat again soon!

Next Up: Monument Valley

Kicking it off!

DISCLAIMER: This first post is very long and includes a lot of detail and “catching up” because many friends had no idea we were doing this or what the process was, so I’ve included all of that. Future posts will be more concise, I promise.

We finally pulled the trigger!  After 2 years (or more) of watching YouTube, reading blogs and attending RV trade shows, on March 1 we hit the road full-time in our 35’ Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, along with our 65-pound dog Pongo and our 3 cats, Oreo, the tortie (age 19), Kiya, the gray (age 7) and Spikejack, the black one (age 4)!  

What do we mean by “full time?”  Well, we’re not really sure.  We PLAN to be traveling for a year. If we are loving it, we will continue.  If we get sick of it, we will stop! We have rented out our house to a wonderful family, the Santiagos, (more about them later) and are so happy that they will be enjoying our home with their 4 girls as we did with our 2 kids!
So that is a start, but we have no idea whether we’ll keep going after that, or even if we’ll make it a full year.  We think we will.  Time will tell.  David will still be working remotely, and I’ll work when I want to and there’s shopping work available.

It’s been interesting figuring out how to travel during these COVID-19 times. There will be different standards in different states, and since neither of us is eligible for the vaccine in CA, we’re not sure when or if we’ll be able to get it in our travels, so that means being a bit more cautious than we normally would, but it’s worth it for such a grand adventure!

SOME HISTORY: We bought our RV, a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder back in June of 2020 and drove it from Ohio to California in a week.  As shakedown cruises go, it was pretty uneventful, although we quickly learned that we needed to make some upgrades in order to handle driving in high winds. 

Our “new” Bounder on the day we bought it, with the sellers, Rodger and Christy

The next thing was to figure out what to do with our house!  We decided that we would rather have someone we knew living there, caring for it, and NOT have to put all of our “stuff” in storage, so we ended up blessing (I hope) the Santiago family with the opportunity to live there while we are gone. Denny and Tiffany have 4 girls ranging in age from 14 – 8, and an adorable Chihuahua named Luna,  We actually are the ones who are blessed because it meant we did not have to completely move everything  out and store it while we are gone.

We did take advantage of this time to go though all of our “stuff” and discard/donate much of our 30+ years’ accumulation, thanks largely to the efforts of Alison who went through the attic, and Cheryl and Kimi who came over every week for 2 months to help us sort, decide and dump! I can never thank them enough for all their help! Here’s what the living room looked like during the height of the chaos!

Once we had everything cleared out, it was time to actually pack up and leave. We had set a date of March 1 because we knew that if we didn’t, we’d just keep putting it off. So the weekend before that, the Santiago family moved in as we were moving into the Bounder on our driveway. It was also the weekend of David’s 60th birthday, so we decided to have a send-off party at a local park so friends and family could see where we would be living for the next year, as well as celebrate that milestone for David. We felt that having it in a park would satisfy the need to be outside where things were safer, and give folks the room to be somewhat socially distanced. We did manage to grab a photo of the group. As you can see, most folks removed their masks for the photo so we can see everyone’s smiling faces!

Finally, we managed to get off the driveway and on to our first stop, beautiful San Dimas, California!! (Yes, really!) We had decided to spend a week locally so that we could take care of some last-minute appointments as well as figure out if we had actually brought the right stuff with us while we were still close enough to make changes. And we DID! Among other things, we decided NOT to bring our Suzuki scooter along. It was just too much trouble for the amount of use we would get out of it. We did bring 3 bicycles, though, so we can get out and enjoy the sunshine when we want.

If you love to camp and want a gorgeous place to camp locally, Bonelli Bluffs is just 45 minutes away from Torrance and it’s SO peaceful there!

FINALLY, it was time to really be on our way. We headed for our first stop, Las Vegas, where David had a work meeting and we could prep a little bit more. Not very exciting, but we are glad we did it. Among other things, we got to actually eat INSIDE a restaurant for the first time in almost a year! We are also learning more about our travel style. We stayed in an “RV Resort” in Vegas where the sites are individually owned. The management rents them out for the owners when not in use. Although it was beautiful, we figured out pretty quickly that it is not our style at all. We prefer staying in places that are a bit more rustic and where you can meet fellow nomads from different walks of life.

In my next post I’ll share more about our first weeks actually on the road, but this has gone on long enough! If you’d like to follow along, I invite you to subscribe to the blog. I’m not making any promises as to how often I’ll post, but I will post something from every stop we make, as well as let friends and family know where we’re headed so if you happen to be in that area, we can try to meet up!